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What is Visual IVR?

Visual IVR is a digital support platform that guides customers and prospects of an organization, both on the web and calling the contact center, to a menu driven web-based support experience. The technology seamlessly connects customers and prospects to self-service options and/or support resources and menu based flows that service their needs at the time customer service is needed.

Customers and prospects utilizing Visual IVR have, at their fingertips, a visual menu tree to successfully self-service their customer care related needs – without the need to connect with an agent. If an agent is required at any point during the interaction, Visual IVR provides full connectivity and contextual transfer to an agent representative.


Many organizations have invested (or are investing) a great deal of time and resources developing various digital self-service tools for their customers. These digital self-service tools include a comprehensive website, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) webpages, Mobile Apps, support forums among many others. All of these tools are designed with the intent that the customer will utilize them to self-service their needs.

However, making these resources available to your customers does not guarantee your customers will use them. In fact, we typically find that adoption of these resources can always stand to be improved. This is particularly the case when it comes to customer service.

When customers visit your website, if adequate and tailored support is not easily found and readily available, most customers will default to calling a contact center. That is the case for those customers who first attempt self-service when service is needed. Many customers still today automatically default to calling a contact center, forgoing any attempt to self-service.

The result for many organizations is a high volume of customers flooding the contact center when assistance is needed.

Visual IVR may be appropriate if...

Your organization struggles with getting your customers to adopt and use the digital resources you have made available

Your organization would like to provide customers with higher value options for self-servicing their support or sales related needs

Your organization would like to eliminate hold times for customers and provide instant and contextual access to the appropriate help

Your organization would like to automate service provided to customers by implementing customer service flows that are accessible to the customer

Your organization would like to reduce the call or chat volume that is flowing into the contact center

Your organization would like to add a visual component to your existing IVR to more effectively provide self-service options for the customer

Ways to use Visual IVR

Jacada Visual IVR extends the IVR to more channels than just voice. Whether your customers are calling the IVR directly, engaging you on a website, or in a mobile App, Visual IVR is there to reduce your customer’s effort, improve self-service and shorten call times. Visual IVR provides a consistent interaction across all channels or touchpoints.

1-800 Number

1-800 Number

Customers dialing your customer service hotline are provided the option to launch a digital interaction, on-demand and without needing to hang up

The Web

The Web

On the contact us webpage or strategically placed at other areas of your website, customers can contextually launch a Visual IVR interaction

Mobile App

Mobile App

Add support capabilities to your mobile app that extend far beyond what is available today rounding out the self-service story of the app

SMS or Text

SMS or Text

A Visual IVR interaction can be initiated from an inbound text message. This capability is good to use for promotions


Engage your customer on the web or mobile channel and provide a convenient self-service experience. It’s more than a visual representation of the existing IVR menu – Visual IVR provides a personalized experience with real time customer information and is easily accessible by customers from any mobile device or website…with or without an App! Our Visual IVR solution will…

Increase self-service and drive digital adoption

Offer visual self-service options for both web and calling customers to increase the likelihood they will attempt self-service

Reduce contact center traffic

By providing an alternative to assisted-service through Visual IVR, customers are able to more successfully service their own needs, reducing the reliance on the contact center while also reducing the staffing and training needs of a contact center

Enhance the customer experience

Eliminate hold times by providing your customers with instant access to a personalized support or sales experience

Contextual handoff to the agent

If an agent or customer representative is needed, contextually transfer the customer to the agent with full visibility of the self-service interaction so authentication, intent discovery and others are not repeated numerous times

Help Me Choose

Driving contact center efficiency can be done through unification, guidance, automation and/or a personal assistant. Which technology is appropriate for you?

If you have...

Limited utilization of self-service resources – Customers are engaging your contact center in high volumes for support that could be automated in a self-service menu based approach

...You should consider

If you have...

The need to automate some or all of the role of a customer service representative through a conversational interface and process automation

...You should consider

If you have...

...You should consider

Limited utilization of self-service resources – Customers are engaging your contact center in high volumes for support that could be automated in a self-service menu based approach

The need to automate some or all of the role of a customer service representative through a conversational interface and process automation

Many deployments consist of a mix of these approaches. Contact us for a solution overview and to help “right-fit” a solution for you.

Don’t take our word for it. Fortune-1000 companies globally benefit from our unification, guidance and automation solutions and you can see their results here


Visual IVR is used by tens of thousands of customers on a daily basis at global organizations of all sizes. Visual IVR will deliver:

Over 10% improvement in self-service

3x adoption of self-service solutions

Fully deployed in weeks with ROI in months

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Assisted-Service Solutions

Driving improved customer care through contact center efficiency can be accomplished through unification, guidance, automation and/or an agent personal assistant. View our agent assisted-service solutions.

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