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Autonomous CX

Unified Agent Desktop

The ultimate CRM customer service agent desktop including unification, guidance, automation and intelligent assistance

Why Consider Smart Desktop?

The main challenge for today’s Customer Service Representatives (CSR) is not lack of information as any CRM vendor would tell you. Rather, knowing what to do and how to do it during a live interaction with a customer is a problem that demands a solution. Information and knowledge only address the customer questions if they span business applications, processes and channels, and only if they are presented just-in-time to the agent.

A customer service desktop that does not account for the above becomes just one more application on the CSR’s desktop.

Don’t let Customer Relationship Management (CRM) vendors sell you just one more application.

Smart Desktop + CRM

There are many reasons why you should consider enhancing your CRM with Smart Desktop:

Desktop Automation

CRM solutions have no ability to understand user interaction with existing applications as well as context. Jacada Smart Desktop incorporates events in other systems and even other applications the agent may use to drive the next appropriate action for the agent.


Business processes rarely span a single system. Our approach drives end-to-end call flow resolution, even for processes that span multiple applications. CRM systems have no such ability.

Agent Guidance & Case Management

Jacada’s approach provides contextual guidance to agents based on current application usage and state. In short, we provide just the right information at just the right time. CRM’s typically include case management capabilities, but often are not presented in an agent friendly manner.


Merging information onto a single screen is simple in theory and can be accomplished by some CRM vendors, however, the overall navigation of the application can remain challenging for the agents, especially if the system is not designed from the ground-up to support customer service representatives.


Provide an omnichannel environment with voice/digital connectivity. Customer service begins before the customer speaks to the agent. Jacada can tie the customer experience on digital channels to the agent interaction, thus improving the overall customer experience.

About Smart Agent Desktop

Jacada Smart Agent Desktop is a new and improved workspace for Customer Service Representatives that focuses on delivering unification, automation, guidance and real-time assistance. Any one of these features can be deployed as a standalone product or combined to make up the ultimate Smart Agent Desktop. Made up of multiple features detailed below, Smart Agent Desktop provides the agent with an improved working environment to enhance the interaction between the CSR and customer.


While terminology may vary by vendor or industry, we can broadly describe intelligent agent engagement as encompassing:

Intelligent Agent Engagement
Two Approaches...

Smart Agent Assistant

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Keep your desktop, onboard a Smart Assistant to drive Intelligent Automation.

Unified Agent Desktop

Intelligent Automation coupled with a Unified Agent Desktop


Built on the Interact Platform

Jacada Interact is the no-code development platform for designing, testing and deploying all Jacada solutions. Available on-Cloud, or on-Premise, our Interact Platform is designed to be rapidly deployed. Benefits of the platform include resiliency, scalability, security and access control.


Reduced Average Handle Time

Reduced Average Handle Time

Increase in real-time service provided

Increase in real-time service provided

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

Empowered Customer Service Representatives

Empowered Customer Service Representatives

Jacada Solutions Empower
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