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Jacada Interact Platform

The customer interaction design platform supporting the Jacada Autonomous CX (Customer Experience) suite. Considered a first of its kind, the suite allows enterprises to leverage automated processes and deep integrations for any assisted-service or self-service processes across the customer journey, including low-code integrations with conversational Chatbot platforms such as Google’s DialogFlow and IBM’s Watson. The no-code flow designer provides business owners with the agility to rapidly adjust processes to changing business needs.

Autonomous Customer Service

At Jacada, we help enterprises significantly reduce costs of their customer service operations by deploying automation solutions and contextual bots. From guiding the contact center agents and automating their manual tasks, to fully automated self-service, we enable Autonomous Customer Experience (CX). Our 25 years of experience in automating customer service processes for global enterprises, together with proven outcome-focused integration capabilities, enable worry-free deployments with lower TCO.


On-Cloud, or On-Premise. Your choice!

Our Interact Platform is designed to be rapidly deployed. This means we allow you to use our cloud for instant provisioning, or install on your premises based on your requirements. Either way, the flexibility will have you up and running faster than you can say Omnichannel.

Effortless cross channel interactions

Easily create interactions that are immediately “cross channel” ready. From web self service to agent scripting, you can rest assured your interactions are “future proof” and ready for any channel.

Tools to get the job done

From graphical interaction designers, to HTML5 and native apps and runtime administration, we have you covered.

Analytics and Reporting

Your goal is to deliver an improved Customer Experience and the only way you’re going to get there is understanding the pitfalls facing your customers on their journey. Our analytics will clearly show you their pain points and areas for optimization.

Solutions Powered by Jacada Interact

The automation platform currently serves the following Jacada solutions that support enterprises in their journey for more efficient operation, without compromising on customer satisfaction

Assisted Service

Desktop Unification

Desktop unification drives contact center efficiency, accuracy and shorter call times by bringing disparate applications and complex processes into a single unified agent desktop. It can be achieved through a combination of unification, automation and/or guidance technologies, all deployed in concert to tame agent desktop chaos!

Desktop Automation

Desktop automation is the deployment of robotic process automation in the contact center to assist, not replace, your agents. Contrary to popular narratives, robots are not used exclusively to replace their human counterpart. In high touch contact centers, agents and robots can work side by side to deliver the best possible customer interaction in the most efficient manner possible – quite literally, automation with a human touch!

Agent Guidance

Deliver effective interactions and ensure optimal performance of all your agents. Utilizing interactive guidance and next-best-actions, your agents know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Agent guidance can work in concert with automation technology to drive shorter calls, better customer interactions and shorter agent training times.

Agent Personal Assistant

Customer service bots that work as personal assistants, side-by-side with your agents to provide guidance, answer questions and automate processes so your agent can focus on showing the customer compassion, empathy and understanding while finding a resolution to their inquiry. Agent Personal Assistants manage the robotic tasks to free up your agent to focus on the human interaction, instead of the system.

Self Service

Visual IVR

Visual IVR is a digital support platform that guides customers and prospects of an organization, both on the web and calling the contact center, to a menu driven web-based support experience. The technology seamlessly connects customers and prospects to self-service options and/or support resources and menu based flows that service their needs at the time customer service is needed.

Customers and prospects utilizing Visual IVR have, at their fingertips, a visual menu tree to successfully self-service their customer care related needs – without the need to connect with an agent. If an agent is required at any point during the interaction, Visual IVR provides full connectivity and contextual transfer to an agent representative.

Intelligent Assistant

Jacada Intelligent Assistant is a virtual customer assistant that will engage your customers and prospects in automated conversation to answer their questions and complete transactions on their behalf. Utilizing the best of breed natural language understanding and integration with backend systems and robotic processing, Jacada Intelligent Assistant is capable of providing service to your customers that extends far past simple question answering.

Visit our solutions overview pages to see the exciting solutions all made possible by our Interact Platform. Because they’re all built on the same solid foundation our product portfolio is completely integrated ensuring maximum reuse of all your interactions.

The Jacada Interact platform is there to provide you a scalable “future proof” solution for all your customer interaction needs.

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