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Stand apart from your competition through customer service

Insurance companies should consider adoption solutions that optimize and improve the effectiveness of the customer service representative’s (CSR) interactions with the customer at all levels – billing, policy, claims, and all points in between. Specifically, unified desktop and process optimization solutions that quickly provide CSRs with a customer-centric view, allowing the CSRs to understand the full value of the customer at-a-glance, including complete policy information and opportunities for cross- and up-selling.

Optimize your Agent Desktop For Sales or Customer Service

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Many insurance companies find themselves hamstrung by a combination of legacy applications, disparate lines of business and regulatory compliance requirements. This makes the Agent’s ability to provide a holistic customer service experience much harder.


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In addition, customers are increasingly turning to mobile devices and have high expectations for self service and on the go connection options with their Insurance provider.


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Insurance providers looking to stand apart from their competition through customer service need to progress from a policy-centric model to one focused on the needs and expectations of the customer. This means enhancing exiting processes and taking a leap towards advanced technologies that will enable the customer service agent to handle all type of calls, quickly and efficiently as well as provide the customer with new interaction channels such as mobile self-service and Visual IVR.


How can I improve the customer service experience at my Insurance organization?

  • Comprise multiple applications into one agent desktop, enabling the agent to have a 360 degree view of the customer and providing opportunities for better service and for upsell opportunities.
  • Integrate complex legacy systems into a friendly Web UI while preserving all of the business rules and processes you’ve come to rely on in your legacy applications.
  • Automate routine customer support activities, and provides critical and timely guidance to CSRs, to ensure that your customers receive exceptional service, and exceptional care.
  • Increase customer self-service and satisfaction on the web and via mobile by delivering rich, interactive guidance that can be quickly modified by business users to meet changing business requirements. This can be done by Visualizing the IVR experience.
  • Guide agents through call processes ensuring adherence to current regulatory requirements.
  • Enable full auditing and reporting access as a part of overall compliance management. Moreover, enable changing regulations to be rapidly reflected without requiring lengthy IT Cycles.
  • Allow for a sophisticated customer verification workflows that can be configured to your specific processes. Enable different information to be displayed depending on the authorization level of the party requesting information.

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