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Agent Scripting and Guidance

Get the most out of each call

Companies that utilize an agent scripting solution in their contact center have experienced:

  • Up to 50% reduced calls escalated from level 1 to level 2 support
  • A 30% minimum First Call Resolution improvement
  • A 20% minimum Average Handle Time reduction Up to
  • 90% agent training time reduction

- all of which resulted in significant cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction


Call center scripts that don’t sound….well, scripted!


With the increased complexity of service and sales your agents are facing when speaking to customers, it is essential they are guided efficiently through the call. That is what agent scripting can do for your agents.



An agent scripting solution offers instant and contextual guidance during the call, ensuring agents always know the next best action, can easily troubleshoot problems, avoid legal problems, and get the most out of each call. Agent scripting appears as a script panel on the agent desktop or as helpful “bubbles” or hints layered directly on top of your existing applications.



Whether you use it for inbound or outbound, - agent scripting not only eases and enhances the selling capabilities of your agents, but also allows for rapid changes of scripts, offers and promotions reacting to new competition, changing market conditions and consumer demands on the fly. Agent scripting contain the scripts, content and backend data that are relevant to that step of the process (dynamic).


What should you look for in your Agent Scripting solution?

  • An easy-to-use graphical designer that enables any of your subject matter experts to create scripts with clicks, not code.
  • A rich widget library, providing powerful constructs including: Statements, Choices, Decision Nodes, Variable allocations and more.
  • Advanced auditing and reporting so interactions can be recorded down to an individual field level & sophisticated audit trails that reflect how interactions are performing.
  • Workflow and approval processes enabling a sound approval methodology to ensure that interactions are tested before reaching the agent floor.
  • The ability to pause and resume the script when a call is dropped or interrupted.
  • Ability to integrate to backend systems to pull relevant personalize data.
  • Easy access via a web browser or integrated into your existing agent desktop application.

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