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Today’s call center agent is surrounded by technology . And, like all technology, it can either make things efficient, productive and save money, or… turn work into an overwhelming chaos of multi-tasking with way too many tools. It’s not just a question of efficiency — agents need to watch out for regulatory, process, or legal requirements, all while keeping customers — and supervisors — happy.

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Totally Web-Based, No coding or software installs

Featuring an easy-to-use graphical designer, your subject matter experts, agents, trainers, product managers, and supervisors can create scripts with clicks — not code — and publish them in real-time to your agents. Oh, and if you make a mistake, you can easily roll back to a previous version. This is not the stuffy scripting of yesteryear’s telemarketer … With full support for integrating with all of your server and desktop applications, our rules engine, and built-in language translation, your scripts can dynamically change based on who you’re talking to for a natural sounding conversation.


At last, call center scripts that
don’t sound…., "scripted"

And the best part of all? Jacada Agent Scripting is available on the cloud, meaning nothing to install, and no waiting to get started. Simply hop on over to our free trial, try it out, and if you like it, you can convert your account to a no-obligation month-to-month contract.



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Why Choose JAS?


50% reduced calls escalated from level 1 to level 2 support


30% minimum First Call Resolution improvement


20% minimum Average Handle Time reduction


Achieve up to 90% agent training time reduction




    • 10 concurrent agent seats for 30 days
    • No commitment
    • Limited Support
    • Audit data retained 30 days
    • SaaS only

    • 10+ concurrent agent seats
    • month-to-month
    • Regular Support
    • Three-Nines SLA
    • Audit data retained 90 days
    • SaaS only

      *Contact Us
    • 200+ concurrent agent seats
    • Annual Commitment
    • Premium Support
    • Enterprise SLA
    • Audit data retained indefinitely while under contract
    • Saas or on-premise



Graphical Script Builder – drag/drop

Interactions are created in an easy to use graphical tool, providing true drag and drop script building. Or as we like to say it, build with clicks, not code. Even complex back-end transactions can be invoked without knowledge of the underlying technical details.


Rich Widget Library

JAS ships with a rich library of components that can be used in your scripts, providing powerful constructs including: Statements, Choices, Decision Nodes, Variable allocations and more. Oh, and you won’t be left wanting when it comes to integrating with third party systems. Not only do we provide components into many commercial applications and services, your IT group can easily roll their own if they’re into that!



Auditing and Reporting

JAS provides detailed level auditing and reporting. Interactions can be recorded down to an individual field level. Additionally, sophisticated audit trail reporting will show how interactions are performing, where bottlenecks are occurring and provide insight into where interactions may be further optimized.

Call Summary

JAS will automatically provide a call summary at the end of the call, allowing the agent to verify the outcome with the customer, and to use this call summary data for automatic action and note taking. This ensures a more accurate and reliable disposition history, resulting in accurate analysis of why the customer is calling


Workflow and Approval processes

While JAS gives flexibility to the script authors to create and publish their interactions, a sound approval methodology is in place to ensure that interactions are tested before reaching the agent floor. JAS allows interactions to be published in a draft state, tested, and then pushed into production by an administrator with approval privileges. Of course, a full version history is also retained and in an emergency situation the administrator can at any time revert to a previous instance of an interaction.

Pause and Resume

Call centers operate in the real world. That means calls are often dropped or customers get interrupted and call back later. When a call is resumed, JAS allows the interaction to resume at the point it was left off, thereby avoiding the need to ask the customer for all their information again. This is especially helpful in lengthy trouble shooting scenarios where a significant portion of the diagnosis was performed prior to the call being resumed. Through the Pause & Resume feature, the interaction can resume precisely where it left off, with all the information preserved.



Web based runtime

Your scripts can be readily accessed by your agents through nothing more than a web browser. And of course you can integrate into your existing agent desktop application through our easy to use API.

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