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fantastic ivr rise of the silver surfer

An increasing number of senior citizens are making use of smartphones when communicating with contact centers. Adopting a visual IVR is the ideal way to make their lives easier and reduce your own costs at the same time.

measuring customer loyalty is the nps still relevant

In a world where your competition is only one click away, customer loyalty is crucial for staying relevant in any industry and profitable. Did you know that it costs today about 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an old one, while just a 5% increase in retention increases profits by up to 95%?

what is a true omnichannel experience

The customer experience begins well before and continues long after their interactions with your contact center. So an omnichannel experience encompasses much more than just customer service.

defining the customer experience

The art of the definition

‘Customer experience’ is a phrase widely bandied about in the contact center space, but failure to define what it means to the organization can easily result in unhappy customers and lost earnings.

voice of the customer getting with the program

Delivering a better customer experience is always a key goal, but not always that easy to achieve. Effectively implementing and utilizing a Voice of the Customer program is the answer.

how to achieve the single view of the customer

There are a number of steps that can be taken by organizations seeking to obtain a holistic view of their customers. It may prove to be a long process, but it will be worth it in the end.

the struggle to achieve a single view of the customer

Why is achieving a single view of the customer so difficult?

Contact center Nirvana could be described as knowing anything and everything about the customer, in order to serve them effectively and efficiently. A pity achieving this is so hard.

The Gift of Negative Customer Feedback

Every company loves positive feedback, but the truth is it’s the negative feedback that really drives the company’s long-term success. How so? Just like any real and important relationship, only when customers complain, do companies truly discover, and hopefully solve, customer problems as they arise.

the benefits of proactive customer service

When most people think about customer service, it usually means that someone had a problem, contacted your support team, and then you acted to resolve the issue. While this approach is still the most common, the truth is this reactive listening is overrated.

mapping the customer service journey

Once upon a time, price and quality were the essence of buying decisions, but today more and more people are choosing brands based on whether the overall customer experience meets their expectations, and the failure to do is leading customers to look for brands that will. As the Millennial generation has become the largest worldwide, it's now crucial that a brand’s customer service capabilities are ready to meet the needs of these customers and to provide the experience they expect.

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