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Siebel Desktop Automation and Jacada: Delivering the Total Customer View

While a CRM application can be critical to gaining better knowledge about your customers and your many relationships with them, a Siebel desktop automation solution will help complete the 360-degree view of the customer, provided you integrate the remaining desktop applications with your Siebel interface. If you have Siebel in your call center, Jacada can help you with your Siebel desktop automation needs. Our customers find that our desktop automation capabilities have helped them unify multiple applications into one desktop presentation, thereby improving efficiency and accuracy, eliminating redundant data entry, streamlining business processes and reducing maintenance costs.

Without a complete Siebel desktop automation solution, achieving a single view of the customer will be difficult, if not impossible. While you have invested in a CRM platform, you may find your Siebel solution needs a more unified approach. Jacada solutions round out your desktop automation needs, providing easy access to customer data directly to the CSR, so that your Siebel desktop automation investment will see a greater return.

Jacada for a Complete Siebel Desktop Automation Solution

Jacada solutions link the CSR's desktop to your Siebel desktop automation initiative, dramatically improving productivity. Our unified desktop approach means improved customer interaction and call quality, reduced call time, a significant reduction in data entry errors and reduced training time – without risking the investment you have already made to your Siebel desktop automation project.

Jacada® WorkSpace is a unified service desktop solution provides a single, "intelligent" point of access to all the mission-critical applications and contact center tools required to effectively complete a customer interaction. No Siebel desktop automation project is complete without a proven solution that unifies the multitude of disparate systems and resources needed to effectively perform all job functions.

The elusive single view will become a reality when you implement a Siebel desktop automation solution utilizing Jacada WorkSpace.

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