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With the unprecedented growth in mobile devices, social media and collaboration tools, providing a unified customer service experience is more important than ever before.  With mobile devices becoming the “go to” device for many, Customer Care organizations have an onerous burden to support customers that have little patience for disconnected support channels or long wait times. Customers expect to reach an organization anytime, anywhere.

The mobile revolution has made the world a more “connected” place. Social networks now connect your customers to each other. Mobile devices connect them online. And mobile applications connect them to an enhanced user experience.  It’s a connected world. Which makes one wonder why the customer service experience remains so disconnected?

The new mobile self-service channel offers organizations an unprecedented opportunity to provide an improved self-service experience in the face of a more demanding customer base, by reducing inbound call volumes, unifying the support channels and minimizing waiting times, all while capturing one of the largest growing demographics: mobile customers.

Avoiding Siloed Support channels with Mobile Customer Care

If you think your customers enjoy interacting with your company, think again.

One of the top sources of customer frustration is the lack of continuity and consistency experienced through different support channels.

Between lengthy and confusing call trees, and repeating of information (“May I have your account number, again?”), it is little wonder that the IVR has become synonymous with poor customer service. In fact, your customers see the IVR as a gatekeeper. 

Traditional self-service channels are not much better. When the customer service issue becomes complicated, the user experience breaks down, with no agent assistance. In other words, what you’re telling your customer is “We don’t want to talk to you”. And if you do allow connection to an agent, there is no context of the self service interaction and the call effectively starts from the beginning.

Now, there’s a better way. Jacada Mobile Agent is the natural merger of IVR, Self-Service and Smartphone. It’s about successfully servicing the customer yet at the same time reducing inbound call volume. And for the calls that do come in, it’s about more effective routing and no repeating of information.

You might think of it as a win-win-win: Reduced inbound call volume, shorter handle times and an improved customer experience.

What is a Self Service App?

Mobile is rapidly becoming the new engagement channel.

With mobile, customers can engage in a self-service session through an “app” that visually maps out the steps of your customer service process, starting with your IVR. It allows customers to visually guide themselves through the self-serve interaction and interact directly with the system to solve their problem, without the annoyance and limitations of IVR systems.  The mobile self-service interaction has full support for data entry and sophisticated self-service capabilities, including being able to proactively mine knowledge bases for information and retrieve/update customer information from underlying Line of Business applications. In short, mobile users now have access to everything they need to resolve a customer issue, without connecting to an agent.

For calls that do require agent assistance, however, the goal is to provide a seamless transition to the voice channel from the self-service channel. Creating this seamless transition requires connecting the mobile session with the agent session. This begins by giving customers information about current hold times and offering the option of scheduling a callback. Once the call is connected to the agent, all the steps traversed by the customer, as well as any data entered, is visible to the agent. By doing so, customers won’t have to repeat information. Even better, the underlying systems can be prepopulated (or data can be retrieved) with the customer information, adding a further benefit of reduced handle times.

Jacada Mobile Agent easily bridges the gap between Mobile, Self Service and Customer Care, with seamless transfer to voice channels at any place within a self service interaction.

Where can I get more information on the Customer Care App?

To find out more about Jacada Mobile Agent, our mobile customer care app, please see our detailed feature list here.

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