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Enterprise Application Integration

Have you ever started an enterprise Application Integration project project with a completely clean slate? Have you ever not had to deal with a “legacy” system?

Your legacy systems may be all the applications that were put in place before you joined the company. Or, they may be the core business systems you've spent decades investing in. Whether those legacy systems involve mainframes, midrange systems, or older UNIX applications, they currently hold the key to your valuable customer information assets and the processes and transactions that run your business. Are legacy systems an asset for you or an obstacle to success?

Many established companies end up feeling trapped by an IT infrastructure they have spent millions of dollars to develop. Why? Because to fully realize the vision of today's CRM and e-business initiatives you must deliver enterprise-wide integration of people, processes and data from the front office to the back-end host systems, leveraging the power and value of those existing systems. But these systems weren't designed for on-line, real-time CRM and e-business. So, how do you use what you’ve got to get to where you want to be?

That's where Jacada comes in. Whether you're integrating core business data in legacy systems with Siebel or other CRM applications, providing web-based access to these systems for other key enterprise applications, or extending access to customers and suppliers for improved e-business, you need a legacy enterprise Application Integration solution that is fast, focused, and flexible. Jacada HostFuse is that solution.

A Fast Solution

Jacada HostFuse is a rapid software solution for integrating core legacy business systems, including the data and processes in those systems, with multiple packaged applications, frameworks, and client environments. Nothing on the market delivers total integration faster.

Our customers require complete solutions that address their business requirements in business timeframes. Fast, reliable delivery is core to all of our software solutions, which is why our products are fully graphical and follow our "minimal-coding" principle.

Jacada HostFuse includes our patented Mapmaker graphical integration environment that enables the development of complex Application Integration solutions in unrivalled timeframes. It employs a rapid, component-based approach to legacy integration that requires no changes to the legacy systems at all, further saving time and eliminating complexity.

A Flexible Solution

Jacada HostFuse gives you the flexibility to integrate multiple back-office systems, as well as link to any front-office, CRM, call center, or Web application, without re-engineering existing systems. In addition to a range of legacy integration options, Jacada HostFuse supports industry standards, such as MQSeries and XML. Its multi-tier architecture ensures scalability that accommodates growing volumes of users and transactions.

Its graphical, component-based approach enables you to deliver incremental enhancements or full-scale deployments in days and weeks - not months and years. You need Jacada HostFuse if:


    • You want to improve customer service, productivity, and profitability through CRM or e-business initiatives;
    • You have significant investment in legacy systems containing detailed, mission-critical information;
    • You need real-time access to customer information in core legacy business systems; or
    • You need to consolidate information from multiple legacy applications into a single customer view.


Can Jacada HostFuse help me turn my legacy system(s) from an obstacle into an asset for CRM and e-business?


Jacada HostFuse supports all of the following legacy environments:

  • Mainframe systems, such as IBM S370 or S390;
  • Midrange systems, such as IBM AS/400 or DEC VAX;
  • UNIX/Telnet "green screen" applications;
  • Applications that are accessed via green screens or dumb terminals, including 3270, 5250, and VT100/220;
  • Applications like BPCS, HUON, SAP R2, ICBS, ICMS, Unibanks, Target/400, Hogan, and Amdocs;
  • Custom coded applications for a range of core business functions;
  • Other mainframe systems, such as Amdahl, Unisys, Bull, ICL ,or HP; and
  • Multiple front ends running simultaneously.


Jacada HostFuse gives you access to legacy information from all of the following environments:

  • Siebel, Nortel, PeopleSoft, or other packaged CRM applications;
  • Web-based applications, including Java applets, servlets and applications, HTML, Java Beans, Java Server Pages, Active Server Pages, and more;
  • Application servers, like WebSphere or WebLogic with Enterprise Java Bean support;
  • Custom or packaged Windows or UNIX applications written in Java, Visual Basic, C++, or C; and
  • Other middleware, including CORBA, MQSeries, and Tuxedo.


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