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Customer Management Desktop

Your customer management desktop is a maze of disconnected systems and applications requiring multiple logins and keystrokes. And your customer service representatives (CSRs) who must try to manage this customer management desktop are called upon to do more than ever before, from account management inquiries to basic service calls and complex sales transactions. The customer management desktop is the point where a traffic jam can occur, negatively affecting customer experience and customer satisfaction. More and more, companies are coming to the realization that a solution to the chaotic customer management desktop is a must if they are to enable CSRs to more effectively provide a superior customer experience.

>Solutions Designed Specifically for the Customer Management Desktop

Streamlining the application process and creating a single, intelligent view of the customer management desktop can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of CSRs. Metrics such as call handle and wrap-up time as well as overall satisfaction scores can be significantly improved.

Jacada® WorkSpace is a customer management desktop solution that provides a single point of access to all the mission-critical applications and call center tools required at the customer management desktop level to effectively complete a customer interaction. Such a unified customer management desktop solution gives CSRs access to process-specific tools based on the transaction type, rather than requiring the CSR to navigate through sometimes dozens of disconnected applications.

Jacada Unified Customer Management Desktop Solutions and CRM

Jacada customer management desktop solutions are complimentary to your CRM solution. Achieving a single view of the customer will be difficult, if not impossible, without a complete customer management desktop solution. Your existing CRM investment may require a more unified approach. Jacada unified customer management desktop solutions are the perfect compliment to your existing CRM system, providing CSRs with simplified and automated access to customer data, so that you get the most out of your CRM investment.

Plus, Jacada WorkSpace is adaptable and can be personalized to match the role of the CSR at the customer management desktop level. Depending on the role and transaction type, the customer management desktop can change dynamically to display different content and tools.

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