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While customer churn is naturally a more prevalent concern in highly competitive industries, market trends such as deregulation and globalization have extended the customer churn pain to virtually all industries. Even the indifference shown by many utilities companies towards their customers is starting to give way to concern about customer flight as their markets face deregulation.

Customer service enhancement is one of the top strategies to battle customer churn. More and more companies are focusing on improving the customer experience at every company touch point, particularly the contact center. And they are realizing that to combat customer churn, agents must be equipped with a 360-degree view of the customer and the product portfolio in order to make each customer's experience both pleasant and productive. However obtaining this single view has been a difficult task for most companies.

Attacking Customer Churn With the Jacada Fusion Single View

Jacada leverages its years of application collaboration experience to bring a true 360-degree view of the customer to contact centers. Jacada Fusion is designed to reduce customer churn by providing agents with access to the information they need to make every customer interaction satisfactory. Jacada Fusion's seamlessly combines all of the agent’s desktop applications into a single powerful, easy-to-use portal-like environment. Agents are provided with a single view of the customer and a single view of the company's product portfolio, enabling them to demonstrate an intimate knowledge of the customer and empowering them to close each customer issue successfully.

Beyond being a tool to reduce customer churn, Jacada Fusion also improves agent productivity. By integrating multiple business applications and systems to a single desktop, Jacada Fusion provides measurable productivity benefits, including the following:

  1. Reduced call time,
  2. Significant reduction in data entry errors, and
  3. Reduced training time.

All of which result in driving down costs.

Companies that use Jacada Fusion have realized that customer churn can be significantly reduced just by empowering agents with the knowledge they need in a format that's easy to use.

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