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Jacada has been improving the customer experience for over 24 years. With our depth and breadth of solutions, you can be assured our solutions can do the same for your customers. Whether its improving the customer interaction in the contact center, or offering new innovative customer self service solutions, we've got you covered.

Why have Self Service Solutions

Despite the investment in knowledge bases, customer portals and speaking avatars, customers are still calling your contact center. And when they do call, they are first confronted with an IVR that has no knowledge of what steps your customer did on your website, and then they reach an agent and explain all the information again.

In fact, the statistics are alarming. Taking averages across verticals, the numbers show that approximately 60% of your customers will try self service first, and 40% will just pick up the phone. And breaking down that 60%, approximately 75% of those customers will not successfully complete their self service session and either abandon or pick up the phone and call you. The net result is that around 85% of your customers are still calling you today. This adds up to a very expensive proposition, because, let's face it, talk isn't cheap!

Jacada's Self Service Solutions

Our answer to this perplexing problem is to enhance your existing self service solution, but, more importantly, to catch those who abandon their self service session and to also help those who call you directly. Our goal is simple: Intercept these callers, pre-verify them and assist them by asking questions your regular IVR cannot (such as alphanumeric data) and then providing all this information to the agent. In otherwords, understand what the customer was doing prior to calling you and then having all that information available to the agent. This gaurantees a shorter fact, typically a minimum of 60 seconds saved.

See Our Customer Self Service solution in action

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Get up and running quickly!
Our self service solutions allow you be up and running quickly because we can reuse your existing Voice IVR scripts allowing you to be up and running in hours.

For more information, please visit our microsite dedicated to an in-depth explanation of our self service solution. 

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