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What is Automation Software?

Today's front and back office worker is taked with many tasks, many of them often being repetitive in nature. Or perhaps they have highly complex tasks to perform on the applications that, due to their complexity, are very error prone. These types of processes often happen in a call center, where an agent is looking up customer information, and even seemingly simple operations like updating an address requires the agent to do so in multiple applications, rekeying the data. Automation Software solves this problem by automating these tasks. In effect, the automation software will "drive" the applications as if it was a human, navigating through screens, reading data and updating fields.

Why is automation software effective?

Once you've "trained" the automation software to perform a task, it does so reliably everytime. Moreover, it is typically far faster than a human could perform the same tasks. You are still limited by the speed of the underlying application, but keystrokes are entered far more rapidly. In some environments this can add up to big savings. For example, in a contact center, every few seconds saved on a call equate to big savings.

Automation software in the Contact Center

Contact center agents are struggling with application complexity - many applications on their desktop that require them to navigate multiple complex screens, just to get basic customer information. And while they search for answers buried deep in the applications, the seconds keep adding up and the customer loses patience. The problem is, most of these applications were never built for the broad needs and real time demands of a contact center. The accuracy and speed with which your agent understands the issue and provides the answer can be the difference between an angry and a satisfied customer. This is exactly where automation software can benefit you. By automating these tasks, you can be assured that you calls will be shorter, your agents more productive, and your customers happier!

It's not just about automation!

Automation Software can also be used to "listen" to what the agent is doing on their screen, and then to "react" accordingly. For example as depicted in the image below, the automation software can recognize that the user is on a customer information screen at the start of a call, and then display a "bubble" to the agent to remind them of a specific task.

JacadaAdvisor withAgent

In this manner, new business rules can be enforced on the existing applications.

Jacada's Automation Software

We have two unique ways of solving your automation requirements. 

 Jacada Advisor

"My agents are struggling with complex applications"

Jacada® Advisor is designed to simplify the complexity of existing customer service desktop applications and reduce the amount of training required to work with those applications.

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Jacada Integration and Automation

"How can I integrate with existing applications?"

Jacada Integration & Automation (Formerly Jacada WinFuse)- provides robust data integration and desktop automation capabilities, which improves efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant data entry, resulting in more streamlined business processes.

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