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Easy No-hassle Amdocs Clarify CRM INTEGRATION

The Amdocs Clarify CRM suite of customer solutions help organizations to deliver a unified view of the customer, and act as a single point solution for sales, support, ordering and analytics.

However, in order to realize a complete unified desktop solution, or to automate routine tasks within Clarify, you may need to integrate into Amdocs Clarify.

Jacada Fusion provides the ability to integrate to Amdocs Clarify without requiring modification or customization of the Amdocs application.


Non-intrusive Amdocs Clarify CRM Integration Is a Reality

Jacada Fusion provides Amdocs Clarify CRM Integration by service-enabling Windows client/server applications as well as Web- and host-based applications. Without changing anything in the original application, and without needing to access the source code, Jacada Fusion provides Amdocs Clarify CRM integration by enabling you to automate interactions with the application and 'drive' the system, as a user would, navigating a series of Windows forms, inserting or retrieving data as required. Jacada Fusion exposes these interactions as Web services that can be integrated into any J2EE or .NET composite application in a scalable and secure fashion.

Benefits of Amdocs Clarify CRM Integration

This Amdocs Clarify CRM Integration technology helps organizations unify multiple applications into one desktop presentation, improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant data entry, streamline business processes, and reduce maintenance costs.

SOA and Amdocs Clarify CRM Integration

By service-enabling Amdocs Clarify CRM, Jacada Fusion provides for the rapid adoption of service-oriented architectures (SOA), enabling IT to deliver new functionality as quickly as the business demands.

"Customer Retention Strategies in Action: A Communications Industry Report". This industry report identifies strategies for improving customer retention, tactics for simplifying the employee experience and a case study of Vodafone UK.

Jacada WinFuse allows Windows and web-based applications to be "service enabled" – that is, any and all functionality contained within an existing Windows or web application can be exposed as open standard Web service.

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